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  • Tall Enough

    Tall Enough

    A couple deemed unlikely consisting of an asian man and a black woman met at a Bloomingdale's one day. The short is mainly composed of shots of chins, hands, faces, and silhouettes merging and confessing the blissfulness of being in a new relationship through their movements. These images are always tentative and passing as to reflect that the characters have just started testing out these new emotional waters they find themselves in. They hope things will be able to develop…

  • Kenny


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This short film made me feel frustrated out of my mind. I mean this in a good way because it's clear that Jennette McCurdy wants us to feel Kenny's impotence.

    The climax of the film is when Kenny lashes out at his family stating that he will not take care of his grandmother anymore and that it's time somebody else helped out as well. To which Kenny's succesful (I assume younger) brother replies with the single most aggravating line of…

  • American Honey

    American Honey

    This film ended up capturing many aspects of what it was like to work at a call center for me. Sparse episodes of unfulfilling sex, wild parties I wouldn't really be an active part of, bad nutrition, not actually doing anything at work, and infinitely contemplating the strangeness of my coworkers, the whole package!

    Also, I really want to slide my fingers under Shia LeBeouf's suspenders (I can't say the same about my former boss).