Heat ★★★½

2021’s 123rd movie • 74/100

In 99% of the cases, when I’m rating a movie, I never take in consideration if it’s the type of movie I like. In fact, what I do take in consideration is if the movie is great in general, whether if it’s a new favorite of mine or not. Action movies are usually the worst if I have to judge based on my personal taste. Between all of the existent movie genres in the world, action is 100% my least favorite one. The only reason why I watched Heat is because of how many good things people say about it. Still, considering all of the good reviews I’ve seen about it, this was one of the most boring and least interesting movies I’ve ever seen in my life – but as I said, judging based on my personal taste is just not right.

Michael Mann’s most successful project has a star-studded cast – and that means it probably has good performances, which is the case – and a great screenplay. I don’t think I’ll watch it again, but it’s far from being a bad movie.