Me Him Her

Me Him Her ★★½

Production is messy, Protagonist (Cory) was too boring, his love interest Gabbi could have had some more personality as well, and a wasted opportunity of being more creative and heartfelt and fun; but its not as bad as most reviews make it out to be, not even close. It offers an authentic realistic style for dialogue and events, has good pacing (overarching structure, not scenes), has good acting and still good enough characters.

Its not a must watch by any means, and I can totally see why the style and story wont interest everyone, but with a bit of rewriting (giving protagonist a backstory of escapism, some more heartfelt and fun scenes between Cory & Brendan, Cory & Gabbi, and a bit more focus on Brendans state of mind and finale, a tiny bit more serious) and reshooting (less quirky style, a bit more cinematic when it doesnt hurt the authetic style, some different creative choices) this could possibly come somewhat close to Garden State and 50/50. I genuinely got something out of the style, characters, some creative ideas and comical events. I laughed out loud like four times which is more than most generic romcoms get out of me which see better reviews than this film on here.

So if the genre and description speaks to you and if an authentic realistic slice-of-life-experience-style does not sound to bad, then by all means ignore the naysayers and give it a shot.