Your Name. ★★★★½

An extremely well crafted and beautiful story of two souls being entangled in supernatural events.

Detail, Authenticity, Depth. The writing has everything, the characters have everything, themes are interesting, pacing and flow are genius, the art beautiful, music good; its hard to find any real flaws in this movie. It could be adapted to a near perfect live action movie without needing to change a thing; unlike other anime that rely too much on the art form in some way.

My personal vague non spoiler criticism is that I would have preferred the atmosphere in the second half to be as down to earth as the first one. Good ending, but i would have liked a few more moments, more of that authenticity i was talking about. And in general i would have preferred more dialogue and choice, less constant fever dreamish drive forward; the relationship could have felt more meaningful.

This is not just a genre anime film, but a must see master piece with a mature vision. It makes me exited about future movies that follow its course.