Out 1

Out 1 ★★★★★

i had a feeling that Rivette’s 12, almost 13, hour long epic would be really good after watching, and loving, Céline and Julie Go Boating earlier this month, but wowww i didn’t expect for it to be THIS good.

i’ll admit that after part two ended i wasn’t really loving the movie, and wasn’t too sure if i was gonna make it through all 12 hours, but after those first two parts it gets sooo much better.

watching this film all the way through to the end is so worth it (seeing everything slowly come together felt amazing) and i would recommend everyone to just say “fuck it” one day and put this thing on. you won’t regret it. 

all the performances are pretty great, but Jean-Pierre Léaud is the stand out, giving a very powerful and brilliant performance.

i was never bored, i couldn’t ever look away, and this film was over before i even knew it. it didn’t feel like 12 hours at all!

it blows my mind that films this long exist, but i’m so glad they do, as they’re almost always incredible.

this is going into my top 2. i’ll never forget this.

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