Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★½


Making fun of Nazi Germany is a double-edged sword, after all it serves as a satire but you also can't forget the horrors that happened back then.
Jojo Rabbit swings between satire and a feel-good story. It manages to work and I don't think it was insulting.

Written and directed by Taika Waititi, Jojo Rabbit is a movie that certainly borrows a lot from Wes Anderson. The opening sequence is more than evident and although that may be considered problematic for some, Waititi manages to emerge gracefully from the evident comparisons, though with its obvious ups and downs.

Another point to emphasize is that you will enter the world of the movie or you will not and personally I think that depends a lot on whether you'll enjoy the movie or not.
There's moments where I couldn't help feeling the film stretches a lot the absurdity, but once again Waititi manages to recover enough the pace so that things don't get out of hand.

While not all jokes land and honestly the movie is never as funny as it thinks it is, passing the bumps, Jojo Rabbit shows the heart of its narrative that is the friendship between Jojo (Roman Griffin Davis) and Elsa (Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie), the young Jew girl that her mother (Scarlett Johansson) is hiding in their home.
This is essential because Jojo being the main character and obviously the narrative driver only knows what he has learned so far, what they instructed him and is that the Jews are vermin therefore his growth as a character and evidently as a person lies in that plot point although obviously that's where the failure of the story lies because at this point that's not something that is no longer known or needs to be learned, perhaps it should be emphasized but not only towards the Jews but towards the whole world in general considering that kids today continue to be feed with that kind of hate.

Jojo Rabbit is a conventional film but it stands out for its style and it's an honest story, as honest as its plot can provide. It's nothing special but personally I had a good time watching it and that is also what cinema is about.

Merry Christmas!!! I hope all of you have a great night.

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