The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★½


The Lighthouse is definitely an experience but it will depend on each viewer's criteria to know what kind of experience they will have from it.
Sounds pretentious? Maybe a little but a film like this causes a lot of divided reactions.

I mention this because I've heard that many people have labeled it boring and non-entertaining but for people like me who enjoy this type of movies it's undeniably entertaining to enjoy it. So how can you dissect a story like that?

There are many variants but what I saw and experienced with this film left me pleasantly happy.
I accept the film itself doesn't have a memorable story. The mystery feels somewhat naive but it's still a captivating mystery, however it's the sum of all its elements that make this an amazing, claustrophobic, imposing, and fascinating feat.
The performances, the atmosphere, the tone, the music, the ambience, the direction and the development stand out entirely.
The Lighthouse it's simply an amazing film.

This is the kind of film that makes you fall in love with cinema and therefore is so polarizing. I enjoyed it, so fuck it if someone else didn't.

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