Us ★★★


Us has brought back a similar disappointment to the one I had with Get Out. And this is due to the way Jordan Peele is getting praised by the critics when frankly his style as a filmmaker is quite simplistic.

Us is being hailed as an excellent work of horror, some people are even calling it a masterpiece of the genre when basically its whole concept is based on different and ambiguous plot pieces that are put together trying to create a more cohesive story that unfortunately doesn't feel original in any way.
Especially because its plot twist can be intuited from the beginning taking into account what you see in that opening scene and that almost all the stories that involve doppelgängers have the same plot twist.

Definitely the film has some good moments. The introduction of the doppelgängers is really creepy and Red's character is very unsettling. The tone in those moments and the use of the score are outstanding but in general, beyond the messages within the story and all the easter eggs inside of it, the film is hardly supported by its structure and the truth is that the horror felt a bit diluted. Yes, there's a lot of mystery and suspense but the horror wasn't as strong as I hoped for.

Once again there are no surprises behind the veil and it's ironic considering that for the second time in a row with Peele, the critics played against him because they made me wait for something more and judging the film with what he delivered, well... that extra step of quality isn't really there.

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