Out 1

Out 1 ★★★★½

an insane, totally imersive experience rather than a movie. rivette dissecates human nature and our instincts in such a raw way you can’t keep your eyes off it, even if it’s 13 hours long. and i’m glad this is so long because the shorter version was way too inferior to the full version. out 1: spectre left out one of the most mesmerizing aspects of rivette’s artwork: his incredibly long takes. i missed the naturalistic feeling of these takes with people talking nonsense and loud cars in the background so bad. anyways, thank you rivette for this crazy, deep study of acting, the meaning of words, obsession, body expression, balzac and so much more.  and mostly, i want to thank my friends for going through this with me. i couldn’t have done it without them. this was my first experience with a super long movie and i loved it so much. i can’t wait to watch more. i don’t really know what to say besides this because it was such a crazy, almost sensorial experience but i’ll be forever thinking of jean-pierre léaud saying treize and equipage and i’m so thankful he says these words at least 100 times.

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