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  • Inn of Evil

    Inn of Evil


    Well, Inn of Evil was Kobayashi's next film after another great samurai film, Samurai Rebellion. Inn of Evil, sadly, was not a high exponent of his artistry.

    IoE is certainly one of his worst films, in my opinion. The whole story is set in an isle in which smugglers hid their illegal shipments. All of it arranged by the owner of the Inn at the isle and a gang of outcasts. But one day, one of the outcasts is touched…

  • Samurai Rebellion

    Samurai Rebellion


    Kobayashi returns to black and white despite of his amazing work in Kwaidan yo create another samurai masterpiece, but now, with Toshiro Mifune in the lead!

    What can I say? A lot of characteristics in previous films can be found here too, great lighting, great photography, great acting of course, and interesting editing.

    The photography, the framing, is a lot wider than what we've seen, for instance, in Harakiri. There are a lot of wide shots of big plains that…

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  • The Spirit of the Beehive

    The Spirit of the Beehive


    I'm speechless.
    This is one of the most magical films I've ever seen. I'm still processing what I just saw.
    It's a shame Víctor Erice doesn't have a big filmography. I only need to watch the documentary El sol de membrillo and the various shorts he has done.

  • Limite



    Pure poetry. I'm anxious to watch this film again. It is so beautiful in so many ways I can't describe.