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nyu film ‘25
go watch traffic man 🤲😭💯
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    been a long road boys & girls. I have been working on this, along with some friends, in my free time over the last 4 years of high school. In a way, it is the biggest thing I’ve ever attempted to do. It means a lot to me & would mean the world if ppl of the movie app gave it a shot. It’s only a half hour, and if you like any of these movies, I…

  • A Woman Under the Influence

    A Woman Under the Influence

    2 hour sequence of arresting moments . Forgot so much about this film. never slows . The way Nick stares back at Mabel after she pleads for her father to stand up for her. The following moments w her dad standing and sitting and standing and sitting , hilarious and so crushing. Only in real life do we get these moments . To me, Mabel is not crazy. But if she is not crazy, Nick can’t be either. She acts…

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  • Nobody


    love how the entire movie there are Russian subtitles when Russians speak Russian except for the one scene w the bad guy and his commissioned hacker who both have Russian accents speak English when they are alone. amazing 😻 movie was sick and I nominate Chris Lloyd as king of the month.

    shooting digital, adding a film grain overlay, and then bringing the dark spots’ exposure up a bit + giving it a cyan tint? thinking I wouldn’t notice? you make me sick

  • Black Orpheus

    Black Orpheus

    Marcel Camus, you dead horny fuck

    final scene with the three children was one of the most beautifully peaceful and pure sequences I’ve ever seen in a film. the edit, music, blocking, so simple and delicate.

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  • Zack Snyder's Justice League

    Zack Snyder's Justice League

    yea no shame I fucking loved this. imma get the shit outta the way: soundtrack was cringe here and there, flash was much better but his first scene was still Big Bang theory bad, and a couple of cgi shots were philosopher’s stone level balloon people. Some lines were still rise of Skywalker poopoocaca but it was easy for me to forget abt cuz this movie was fucking four hours. Outside of THAT, a really genuinely solid movie. Does what…

  • The Big Sleep

    The Big Sleep

    enjoyed much more than bacall’s first performance