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  • The Turin Horse

    The Turin Horse


    Ahhhhh. So THAT’S why the long face!

  • Yi Yi

    Yi Yi


    Too many movies that aren’t Edward Yang’s 2000 opus are walking around town calling themselves “great humanist dramas”. Grow up.

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  • The Cranes Are Flying

    The Cranes Are Flying



  • Modern Romance

    Modern Romance


    “What the hell are you doin’, Harry? Mr. Trashcan!” 

    Second half of a Brooks double feature with Real Life. Perfectly captures the teeter-totter imbalance of positive and negative energy in people’s life and the self destructive means they take of keeping the scales from stagnating. The film borders on being semiotic dissection of the romantic comedy but is too sincere to be reduced to a scientific formula. It also features one of the best single shot comedy gags I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

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  • The Last Dance

    The Last Dance


    Wikipedia page ass movie

  • No Data Plan

    No Data Plan