Ran ★★★★★

A gorgeous epic. A descent into madness. Masterful use of landscape and natural light. The ultimate Father’s Day flick :)

“Consider the times in which we live. To survive one must discard loyalty and affection.”

“You know Kaede, now that it all belongs to me, the view is even more magnificent.”

“It was in this very room my mother took her life.”

“Let me look at you. Always that same sad face. Every time I see you, it tears at my heart. It’s worse when you smile like that. I burned down your father’s castle. Your parents and family all perished. How can you smile at me? You should be glaring at me with hatred. That would be easier to bear. Go on! Let your hatred show!”

“Only the wild beasts can live without their own.”

“All we did was speak the truth.”

“More’s the pity. He was better off mad.”

“I have no light and no use for one.“

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