Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★★

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Korg. I'm kind of like the leader in here. I'm made of rocks, as you can see, but don't let that intimidate you. You don't need to be afraid unless you're made of scissors! Just a little Rock, Paper, Scissors joke for you.

Apart from this being my favourite MCU film, it is also one of my top 10 films as of right now. The action, the characters, the cheesy jokes and the 'badassery' is just perfect. Thor is just badass in this film but the villain of Hella is cold as fuck, I can honestly never stop praising this amazing film. The film where I see my favourite MCU character show his true potential along with one of the greatest songs of all time to polish the perfection. I'm not quite sure if that makes sense but fucking hell this film is amazing and on top of all of that, it's quotable. Amazing amazing and amazing. 5/5.

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