Parasite ★★★★

Money makes people nice. 

You’d think any kind of determinism would be repulsive to the human mind, simply by virtue of being, well, determinism. Calling a man evil is less insulting than calling him a victim of his environment, because the former implies that he has agency while the latter simply reduces him to a pawn of economic and social fate. The Kims, drinking the Parks’ alcohol and sitting in the Parks’ home, gripe and moan about how they can’t be nice since they lack the sufficient funding to do so, not seeming to realize that such complaints chip away — nay, jackhammer away — the foundation of their basic human dignity and pride, the very pride that allows them to be stung by comments about how they smell. 

Anyhow. Good movie. Highest rated on Letterboxd? Gimme a break. Best Picture? Less absurd, but still questionable in a year that had both Once Upon a Time In Hollywood and A Hidden Life (and Ad Astra, and The Irishman, and Knives Out...)

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