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  • Zodiac



    I want this movie in my blood stream. I want it to wash over me everyday.

    There’s a lot to say about this movie. The procedural masterclass, the three leads, Fincher in his bag, but that’s not really what I love about it. Though I do love those things.

    To me Zodiac is a feeling. The film is incredibly engrossing but never fully satisfying. The film doesn’t ever let you go, it slips through your fingers just when you thought…

  • Forrest Gump

    Forrest Gump


    My strongest movie opinion: Forrest Gump is a great movie.

    I think the push back against this movie is absolutely ridiculous. I understand that not everyone is going to like even great movies, but I think most people on the anti-Gump train have out thought themselves.

    It is not cool or intellectual to dismiss this as sappy. I think the root of the push back against Gump is the desire to not have mainstream taste.

    The rejection of mainstream just…

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  • The Irishman

    The Irishman

    A haunting film. To me this movie takes what Scorsese was getting at with Goodfellas and goes further. It’s deeper and more moving to me.

    I kinda wish this was the last Scorsese movie. I don’t know how you could have a better ending than this.

    I don’t understand what De Niro had to do to get a nomination for this. Al comes in a yells for two and a half hours and he got nominated.

    Bob doesn’t have the kicking power that he used to have. Special effects couldn’t fix that.

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  • The Color of Money

    The Color of Money

    My God…

    This is a borderline five star movie for me. I think my new favorite Scorsese! Just an amazing thrilling movie. It felt like it was only five minutes long.

    I don’t always get dazzled by the Scorsese style like a lot of people do but this blew me away. The coolest movie staring the coolest guy, plus Tom Cruise.

    John Turturro is such a prick in this movie. Good performance by him.

    Martin Scorsese Ranked

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  • Nope


    They should’ve got Andy Serkis to play the monkey.

    This was a really fun movie that didn’t totally come together. It’s cool that Peele’s movies feel like events and even a jumbled mess like that can have great moments.

    I saw this in IMAX with lots of people which was super cool. The guy next to me brought peanuts or some kind of snack and offered me some. In that moment I thought maybe things are going back to normal. Shout out to that man.

  • Aftersun


    Big clump for a big back.

    I’m not going to rate this. I have thankfully not experienced depression much in my life. Since that has not been my experience I feel slightly outside of the story, and I’m not going to rate something so deeply emotional that I wasn’t able to access.

    That being said, I was very moved to read the reviews of my friends on this app. I love all kinds of movies but emotional stories are my favorite. It makes me happy to see people connecting with a story so deeply.