Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Things I liked:
1. Reylo!!!! 
2. Luke being a badass mofo and not letting Kylo fuck with his clique
3. Fat little force ghost Yoda
4. General Hux getting thrown around like the pathetic loser he is
6. Leia being amazing! Glad she got to do so much more in this film. 
7. Adam Driver giving some of the best acting given in any Star Wars film ever!
8. Porgs
9. Rian fucking over stupid little fanboys and making them cry because they didn’t get to see their theories play out. Aw poor them. 
10. The space battles and Admiral Holdo were incredible! That scene with Holdo going through the Star Destroyers at light speed was breathtaking!! (Also there is a scene in Rogue One where Jyn sees plans for the tracking tech for light speed). 

Things I didn’t like:
1. Them deciding to kill off Snoke. I don’t need him to connect to anything or be Plageuis and any of that crap. But he feels like such a wasted character. He was clearly very powerful and you just waste him like that??
2. Finn and Rose’s storyline didn’t do much for me and felt out of place to the rest of the film for the most part. Like it really had no consequence to the rest of the film apart from getting Finn to duel with Phasma??
3. Benicio felt wasted but I’m sure we’ll see him again

Overall this is quite an astonishing Star Wars film. It takes the franchise to new places and Rian proves that they are in control of the story. So many people complained The Force Awakens was too much like A New Hope, yet now they are bitching about this film being so vastly different. I’m glad it’s different. Rian did his own thing and was adventurous with the film and its characters. He didn’t play it safe and I think we got quite a remarkable film out of it. It has some fantastic performances and character moments, and some stunning shots. 

Ultimately it’s fine if you don’t like the film, but Star Wars fans are some of the most toxic people I’ve ever seen. Not all but some.   They tear each other apart and try and tear the cast and crew apart because the film didn’t turn out how they wanted it to.

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