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This review may contain spoilers.

Oh man. I hated watching this movie. It was horrifying and disturbing. Yet, 10 minutes after credits rolled, I had my earbuds in and was blasting the score.

The world of this film is awesome. I haven't been so immersed by a theater experience in quite some time. Incredibly well made. Well directed, shot, scored, written, and performed.

The scene in which the women sob and scream along with Dani was creepy but incredibly moving to me. My favorite scene of the year. My favorite movie of the year (so far).

I loved that the entire audience was huddled outside the theater afterwards. You could hear mentions of it being brilliant, or of it being awful. I side with the former. I hated watching this movie. But I loved it overall.

I'm normally very adverse to disturbing violence in film. I consider it to be inhumane and irresponsible. I definitely felt that during the cliff jumping scene, yet it served so much purpose in the rest of the film. I was nearly nauseous, completely tense for the remaining runtime. So, I will say, that's effective use of violence.

Really, really enjoyed this one.

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