The Social Network ★★★★½

Every now and then, you need to revisit a film to remember how fantastic it actually is. After Sorkin's latest triumph, it is refreshing to see that his original masterpiece still holds up. You have the powerhouse script from Sorkin, masterful direction from Fincher, sublime score from Reznor and Ross, and the incredible cast comprising most notably of Eissenberg, Garfield, Hammer and Timberlake.

The cast perform brilliantly together, with the slick script bouncing from player to player, the intelligence is there in plain sight, arrogantly traversing between the actors in moments of triumph. This is perfectly reflecting by the brooding electronic score, coursing through the scenes like a heart-beat.

'The Social Network' is a film that upon first hearing about, sounding bland, boring and a film I would hate. It has fast become not only one of my favourite Fincher features, but one of my favourite films from the last decade. Slick, smug, insecure and oh so tantalising. Zuckerberg may not emerge unscathed from this portrayal, but by the end, the source material is irrelevant.

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