Annette ★★★★

Br…noooooo, don’t say it! I can’t say it! I can’t call Annette Brrrrrreeeee…don’t do it, Luke! You can’t come back from this! You’ll be the most insufferable guy in the world if you say Annette is Brech-ch-come on, man! This isn’t the path you want in life! You’ll sound as dumb as that person in the top reviews who said Annette was “La La Land if David Lynch directed it” if you call it B-B-Br…ah, to hell with it! It’s Brechtian, okay? Annette is Brechtian! Are you fucking happy now? It’s Brechtian through and through! It’s Brechtian in eerily specific ways that it shares with hardly anything not written by Big Bertolt himself! It’s more Brechtian than the Brecht production I was in back in college! I will be taking no further questions!

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