Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems ★★★★★

Every movie should be like Uncut Gems. This script moves at 129 words per minute (four of which, on average, are “fuck”), and you better believe not a single one of those words is wasted. It’s got a pitch-perfect ensemble held together by the best male lead performance in I don’t fuckin’ know how long. More than a year out from my first and last viewing (ask me for that theater story sometime), almost every scene remains burned into my memory, and I expect this one to refresh me for at least another couple years. I’m never gonna make a movie this good—let’s be real, I’m probably never gonna make a movie—but if I ever make a movie that’s remotely good, the good parts will all be shamelessly ripped from Uncut Gems. The quintessential American film of the 2010s; nothing else comes anywhere close.

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