Peter Pan & Wendy

Peter Pan & Wendy ★★★

The only reason I watched this was for David Lowery. And despite parts of his filmmaking style breaking through and being able to impress me occasionally. Nothing can stop the soul-sucking and creatively stale shroud that is Disney from churning out another bland and unnecessary live-action remake that only exists to give us nostalgia bait and waste our time.

The child actors here are not great, but they fit the mold of what Disney mostly has in their films, which is sadly not talent. Most of the film is lackluster, missing the fun that is usually needed in fantasy-adventure films. But I will say that I still found it engaging even though I constantly hoped for better. Jude Law as Captain Hook was the best actor in the film, giving a performance that this movie didn't deserve. The scene where he tells Wendy his backstory was a brilliant showcase of that performance.

Ever since the early 2010s, Disney has seemed to have just given up on originality or actual quality that can rival what the other studios put out. Relying on what worked in the past and repackaging it to make money off viewers who want what they've already seen, instead of wanting something different. From the MCU to Star Wars and to their own history, Disney is incapable in the current state that it is in to change and put out meaningful work that can challenge the audience. "Peter Pan & Wendy" is another in this long line of lifeless sacrificial movies.

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