STILL: A Michael J. Fox Movie

STILL: A Michael J. Fox Movie ★★★★½

A captivating and deeply personal look at an actor known for playing one of the most iconic roles in cinema history, but also for battling an illness that he has refused to be beaten by.

Michael J. Fox is an actor who was a bright shining star in the 80s. From his humble beginnings to a rough life through high school and his early acting career. And then from breaking out on TV with the sitcom Family Ties to making the big breakthrough with a certain movie about a time-traveling DeLorean. The sequence of the documentary that focuses on it, with the legendary music playing over it, is one of the high points of the film for me.

But then once he began displaying symptoms of Parkinson's disease in the early 1990s, that's when his life took a turn and he found himself hiding this new terrifying part of himself from the world, taking solace in alcohol until he sunk so low that he finally decided to stop hiding, face the truth and accept it.

The editing of this documentary is definitely a highlight as it cuts together footage of Fox from his various films and TV shows, seamlessly constructing an almost biographical feature-film-like narrative spliced with reenacted original footage made for the film.

When it shows footage of Fox dealing with his Parkinsons, it's heartbreaking to watch and see what he has to go through. But I still got a smile on my face when it shows him interacting with his family and how they're able to fight through this obstacle and find joy and happiness on the other side of it.

A truly heartfelt film and one of the best of the year. And for a film that's only available on Apple TV+, with their library of films already being so bare and not generally great, it's nice to finally give a solid recommendation to a film on that service.

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