Tetris ★★★★

While it clearly takes creative liberties with its "true story", I still really enjoyed this mainly because of its energy which, like the game it's named after, is addictive, fast-paced, and engaging. This felt like a weird mixture of "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World" with its editing and for being a clear love letter to video games. But also "The Wolf of Wall Street" with its characters conducting ruthless business all in the name of rights, profit, and greed which is always fun to watch. But even I had to question what the filmmakers were thinking when they did things that clearly didn't happen in real life. Like the ending of the movie full-on does the ending of "Argo" where it's a mad dash to the airport to get out of the country, with a car chase added for tension. Scenes like that and a few others make the movie ridiculous, but it does make the film more fun if you go in knowing that it's not trying to be a historically accurate story.

But honestly, not a whole lot else to say about it. It's a solidly entertaining film that I would recommend. But it doesn't go further and it seems stuck as a film that's about securing the rights to a game, so in that sense, it can't really go more in-depth. It has good performances from all involved, but their characters lack any potential to be explored deeper. This is more or less one of those mid-year type dramas that you would put on if your viewing schedule is clear and you wanted to watch something great. But then once you see it, it really does become one of those movies that make you wonder if it's even worth watching again.

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