The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★

Should have been so much better then what we got. Despite its solid ensemble cast, this was such a dry, dull and average movie. The stories of each of the characters I could have honestly cared less about, performances were good but not enough to make these arcs compelling. The film also tended to try too hard to shock with its graphic violence which to a point became excessive and actually took away from what the film was trying to say. Also, could have done without the narration which had to spoon-feed us everything going on in the film constantly instead of trusting the audience to absorb what was happening. I will still give a nod to the production value which looked impressive for the time period they were replicating. While not bad, this was a disappointment as I honestly wanted this to be great.

Just as a little add on. This film reminded me a lot of last years "The King" which also boasted a stellar cast (as well as having Pattinson) and much like that film, I just didn't care about anything that occurred as it just dragged on relentlessly and was quite boring. This film at least did a few things that impressed me more than "The King".

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