The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★★

Robert Eggers has crafted a one of a kind film. Every single aspect of this film is just simply spectacular. The cinematography is amazing, the production design is eye-catching, the language is authentic and the performances from Pattinson & Dafoe are some of the best of their careers.

The Lighthouse ticked all the boxes i look for in the movies i really enjoy with the major one being "insane but fun". I loved the whole plot of these two lighthouse keepers losing their minds with disturbing imagery and certain moments making me go "what the shit". All throughout i constantly got vibes of "The Shining". The whole film also makes you ask the questions, what's real?, is it all in Pattinson's head? and what the hell is up with that light? The film could also be funny when it wanted to and i welcomed these moments as it helped raise the level of batshit insanity that was going on.

When this film was announced well over a year ago, this was immediately at the top of my most anticipated films, more then "The Irishman" and more then "Once Upon A Time in Hollywood". But trying to get around to watching this proved to be an absolute nightmare as since i live in Australia, movies like this are released months after it comes out elsewhere. When the release date for this was announced for February this year i was ready, unfortunately this movie ended up showing at exclusive arthouse cinemas which were far away from where i lived and the regular cinemas which i generally go to didn't play it because it was too weird and different. So i ended up waiting till now to finally watch it on DVD (i don't know why there isn't a Blu-ray version of this) and after hearing all the hype and building up my expectations, the wait was worth it.

Not only would i say that this one of the best films of 2019 but also one of the best horror films of all time and one of the most refreshing as this was a period piece horror done right with no bullshit jump scares. I would even go as far to say that this is now my new #1 favourite film as this more then blew my expectations away and my viewing of this became one of my most memorable experiences. If you go into this, i would recommend turning on subtitles as it will help you keep track of what the characters are saying.

In the end Robert Eggers has crafted his very own Pulp Fiction, this is only his 2nd movie but what a hell of a 2nd movie. Eggers is one of the best filmmakers working today and after loving his other film "The VVitch", whatever he makes next i will watch it no matter what as he is one of the most unique and refreshing directors to come out in the last decade. I would give "The Lighthouse" a high recommendation whether your a fan of horror or you want to see a really well put together film. This is simply one of those special movies i'm glad i got to watch in my lifetime.

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