Luke has written 48 reviews for films during 2023.

  • Poison



    Maybe I'm just tired of these last few short films from Wes Anderson, or maybe I'm starting to get over his films and the same old style in general and I'm begging for him to do something different. Either way, I sat through this final film, getting frustrated the more It went on as the story wasn't doing it for me until it reached the point where the whole thing ended up being pointless, and I realized I wasted my…

  • The Rat Catcher

    The Rat Catcher


    The simplistic and almost live-theatre presentation of these Wes Anderson short films is starting to get really tiresome. Henry Sugar still remains the best out of all of these and the one with the most effort put into it. While here it felt like I was just watching the actors trade lines back and forth with invisible props. After this one, I'm convinced that all these short films were a feature-length movie originally but the really short films were not…

  • Flora and Son

    Flora and Son


    John Carney's follow-up to "Sing Street" is sadly a very safe and generic movie. While it's still entertaining and is a decent feel-good/hopeful movie, this didn't strike as strong a chord for me as "Sing Street" did. Performances were fine and music was fine. But because this is on Apple TV+, it has this weird look/filter to it that makes it look like every other Apple original film, which sadly means it doesn't feel very cinematic and feels more like…

  • The Swan

    The Swan


    A solid short film even though scale, execution, and visual-wise it's not as impressive as Henry Sugar. The story was also quite depressing and after the delightful and compelling Henry Sugar, this was a sharp and jarring turn that was a little too dark for my tastes which ended up leaving such a bitter, cold and unsatisfying feeling. With two more short films set to be released over the coming days, I'm starting to get the sense that most of…

  • The Creator

    The Creator


    One of the biggest surprises of the year. A film I didn't have a whole lot of hype or interest for, but I'm really glad I saw this, especially in the cinema as this took me back to the fun and engaging epic large-scale sci-fi movies that I saw when I was younger where I would get so absorbed by it that by the time the credits rolled, I knew I had just seen something amazing.

    "The Creator" while most…

  • The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar

    The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar


    A really compelling, delightful, and fun short film directed by Wes Anderson whose style and trademarks are executed to absolute perfection here. After Asteroid City was the first Anderson film in a long time that I didn't completely love, this was the Anderson movie I wished I had seen in cinemas as this won me right back.

    The writing while fast-paced, was gripping and engaging. And the addition of cast members Benedict Cumberbatch, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Kingsley, and Dev Patel…

  • El Conde

    El Conde


    Much like his previous films "Jackie" and "Spencer", Pablo Larraín's "El Conde" is another movie where the style is really impressive and it's visually outstanding to look at. But the substance is seriously lacking, and you end up not being interested in the characters and the overall story. So yeah, I enjoyed parts of it and if you are a fan of his prior films, then you may enjoy this. Otherwise, it's not the most satisfying or rewarding movie to watch.

  • Sisu



    A very simple but awesome movie that knows what it is and has full confidence in itself. This was like a comic book where it had a simple but clear-cut hero vs. villain story, with the hero himself being an unstoppable force who will just not die despite all that's thrown at him. Along with being a silent badass for the majority of the movie which made me wish they had found a way to tell the entire movie silently…

  • The Equalizer 3

    The Equalizer 3


    In comparison to the other films that came before, "The Equalizer 3" is just more of the same. It doesn't improve on things but it's also not terrible. With the trilogy now being complete, it's fair to say that if you're looking for the perfect 6/10 movies to watch, these three films will do it.

    Antoine Fuqua's movies are ones I've always struggled with and despite "Training Day" being by default his best movie, nothing has ever come close to…

  • Beau Is Afraid

    Beau Is Afraid


    So I don't know what I just watched, but this just further proves that Ari Aster's films are not for me. I liked the creativity of the production design and specific effects. And the performances are good with Joaquin Phoenix as usual being naturally amazing. But I just struggled to care about the film overall with the story not being that interesting. And while it has a very Lynchian quality to it, which I usually like, I just don't enjoy…

  • Past Lives

    Past Lives


    A beautifully subtle and engaging film with what I consider to be one of the year's best screenplays. Everything was so tightly written with every scene and line of dialogue having an essential purpose to every moment big and small, and never ever feeling like wasted time. The film was also one of the most pleasant & easygoing dramas I've seen in a while but it was nice to sit through something like this and not have a stressful or tension-filled…

  • BlackBerry



    A really well-done biographical comedy-drama that tells the story of two men, one who is driven to prove his genius by creating a revolutionary product, and the other who conducts ruthless & illegal business so he can always be on top. Despite a few nitpicks I have with the film, this really wowed me to a point where I very much consider this a film of the year contender and one that shouldn't be skipped or missed.

    Earlier this year, we…