Toy Story 3 ★★★★★

Some notes from this viewing:
-Probably Pixar's most enjoyable and entertaining film on a superficial story level, and a definite improvement upon the first two Toy Story films.
-I don't think they could have picked a better voice actor for Woody... no one can convey human decency as effortlessly as Tom Hanks
-GET RID OF THAT MONKEY and the "prison break" from Sunnyside is still the highlight of this for me, it's just too much fun.
-I adore Lotso's design, even though he's a douche.
-Spanish Buzz is hilarious.
-MR. TORTILLA HEAD!!!!!! (okay, okay, I'll calm down)
-I love how everything has a pay off, but the series in-joke of "the claw" in particular.
-It's just an absolutely beautiful coming of age story for both Andy and the toys. It sensitively handles how the characters are adjusting to new circumstances and understanding their place in the world. It's so human & heartfelt.
-The perfectly calculated emotional devastation of the last fifteen minutes absolutely demolished me (I'm currently about to start college). If you don't shed a tear, well... you're probably not human. The cumulative effect is devastating.
-It's a masterpiece.