Interstellar ★★★★★

My joint favourite film of all time and it is definitely one I can go on and on about. Everything about it gives me goosebumps and I love it. It was released in the IMAX in China and I jumped at the chance to experience this again. It amplified everything that was already good about the film. From the amazing score by Hans Zimmer to the breathtaking images of space and the various planets they visit. 

Christopher Nolan has a knack for mixing reality with fiction and at times I forget that these aren’t real people because I’m so emotionally invested in them. Cooper and Murph’s relationship is the thing that I come back to the most though. I can immediately feel the deep bond between the two of them and it truly is beautiful. It leads to some heartbreaking moments throughout the film , due to the nature of Cooper’s mission. It’s something about the bond between a child and their parent that always seem to resonate with me. It all culminates in a final scene that 9/10 times leaves me in a hot mess, something I managed to tone down a bit in the cinema yesterday. 

I think this film is underrated by a lot of people and some discount it because of the bookshelf scene right at the end and it probably is my least favourite section of the film. Saying that, I still like the scene and it’s an interesting take on love and it comes full circle on some earlier scenes in the film too. 

Like I said, I could talk about this film for ages and since I watched it yesterday I have likely missed some new things I noticed here. Plus it’s hard to actually put all of it into words sometimes. This film is everything to me. I can’t wait for Tenet now (whenever I get to see it)

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