Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★

Okay, but what the actual hell was going on here? I knew this film was going to be over the top crazy but this was insane. It made films like Get Out seem easy going at times. Imagine getting married and being told to play hide and seek, let alone the deadliest game of hide and seek in the world.

But the film knows that it is crazy and completely embraces that fact. It’s fun, entertaining and as I said, insane. The action is great and they build up tension very well. The comedy is dark as it can be. But it is still so funny and each death brings more and more laughs. I mean they were still rather excruciating but the characters were so darn evil that it just made it satisfying to see them suffer.

The story is okay but it is all about the insanity of it all. You need to embrace it and then you will have a good experience. Plus, the end is something else. Oh my days is it something special.

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