Your Name.

Your Name. ★★★★★

Right, so this is one I have had in my library for a very long time now because it’s so highly thought of and I never looked at the plot. This is something I rarely do these days. I remember that it is recommended by someone and give it a go. Trust me, if I had looked at the plot of this one before watching it I would never have turned it on. What an absurd concept is the idea that came into my head when I realised what was going on. I thought that it would be some kind of freaky Friday anime. 40 minutes or so later and I am an emotional wreck rooting for Mitsuha and Taki.  

This movie absolutely wrecked me like no other animated film has before and I’ve seen some good ones. You get so connected with the main protagonists that it is really difficult not to root for them, especially Mitsuha. There was something about her background that made her far more likeable than Taki, probably something to do with a big event later in the film....

The animation is STUNNING, like there is literally no other way to describe it. It truly is a marvel to look at throughout. From the scenery in little Itowori town to the bustling streets of Tokyo it always looks beautiful.

I cannot recommend this film highly enough and if you have any recommendations for films like this one then please let me know. I would prefer if you could tell me some that aren’t Studio Ghibli because most of them are on my radar anyway.

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