Midsommar ★★★★★

I loooooved it. Much more fun and funny than I expected after HEREDITARY (which I adored). The tonal tapdancing this thing pulls off reminds me of Jordan Peele and Bong Joon Ho, but all wrapped up in a gorgeous package that's just as in love with 70s slow burns as I am. Sometimes there is horror and majesty and an incredible joke all in a 45 second long slow motion pan.

Not to get caught up in the humor, the horror is excellent as well. Aster is a master at portraying inner turmoil. One of my favorite moments in HEREDITARY was a scene that perfectly depicted the physical experience of anxiety. This digs in even deeper, a few incredibly powerful moments viscerally depicting the inescapable pain of how it feels to be a person in a moment of suffering or tragedy. Florence Pugh is PHENOMENAL.

Will Poulter is one of cinema's finest assholes. This is an incredible use of him. He makes himself so relentlessly unlikeable with lines that consistently steal scenes and get laughs. I hope this gets him a lot more work.

If I had any complaints they'd be something like, it has less to say about The Big Issues than HEREDITARY, which gave me like 4 existential crises. But it's also trying to be about less, and I think the tighter focus could also be considered a pro. Similarly, it's kinda Just Doing Wicker Man at points, but in such a delightful and subversive way that you never relax or feel like you know what's going to happen next. Aster is clearly extremely fluent in Movies, and knows how to toy with your expectations. I can't wait to watch this again, or to see what he does next. Favorite of the year so far, I think.

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