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  • Arrival




    Yup. Superfluously great. GG, Villenueve, you win.

  • Django Unchained

    Django Unchained



    The occasional senselessness without sensitivity can’t hold back Tarantino’s pulpy masterpiece from being endlessly engulfing; it’s perhaps the best in his filmography at getting the desired feeling across, adjudicating horrific viscera with bouts of well-used humor to create something that serves as both balanced escapism and nihilistic topicality. Something only he could make.

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  • Good Time

    Good Time



    Eclectic from the opening frame, and like an amped-up joyride for the next hour and a half. Good Time feels in ways like a prelude to the decade-in-the-making behemoth that is Uncut Gems, but in myriad others is an entirely different beast entirely; Pattinson’s innately fuddled complexities and the films intimate mollywhop of the all-in-one-night subgenre go together like star-crossed lovers that are meant to be from the start. Feels like sitting in an Xbox party with the boys…

  • Joker




    Remember when a guy named Joao wrote a review for this that was less than two sentences and it became the biggest thing this app/site has ever seen? And the film - which got nominated for Best Picture, was controversial in every way imaginable, and, good or not, showed how much studios and comic book films were branching out - became more personified with this one review, which literally everyone on here (and their mothers) kicked in their two cents?

    Yeah, that was fun. I haven’t seen this since theaters, but I remember it being invariably solid. Phoenix is 🐐ed.