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  • Bad Ass

    Bad Ass

    Even if you're in on the joke, and are merely here for the dimwittedness of a Danny Trejo lead action romp, Bad Ass will still struggle to satisfy.
    There's a reason the actor is most commonly designated to small, dialogue-free roles. His inability to carry something, even as light on substance as Bad Ass is less a failure on Trejo’s part, and more just overzealous expectations of a studio cutting every corner and hoping to jag a cult classic.

  • Stardust



    Narratively Stardust is far denser than I recall. There is a lot of story served up here, but it never gets bogged down in the complexities of its own premise. 
    The tone is consistently silly, and often outrageously bizarre, but in a unique marriage of sorts, it’s its colorful presentation that makes the less palatable moments much easier to swallow. 
    The VFX is poor, and the humor is daft, but Stardust is loaded with heart, and great intentions. It's also very obvious the cast is having a world of fun.

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  • Eternals



    Nervous is quite the understatement in describing my anxieties when entering the cinema to watch this one. Normally I'd never set my expectations so high, but as if to put myself on an almost certain course for disappointment I let my enthusiasm envelop me. How could I not? This cast, oh God, what a cast, and then, of course, the incredible Chloé Zhao. This was actually the first time I'd be seeing her work on the big screen, and from…

  • Dune



    A grand achievement by anyone's standards, Dune is perhaps one of the most incredible looking movies I've ever bared witness to. 
    Denis Villeneuve has once again done masterfully well to craft a visual masterpiece, that's challenged only by the depth of its characters, and the power of its score. 
    I was enthralled throughout, captivated by its complex lore, and the powerful performances delivered by this massive lineup in the cast. There's no getting around the fact everyone involved is delivering…