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  • Moneyball



    Considering my lack of enthusiasm when it comes to the sport of Baseball, Moneyball does considerably well through at least its first two acts to hold me utterly captivated. 
    I believe this can most aptly be attributed to borage a of talent, all of whom bring their A-Game, throwing themselves into these roles, bringing life to what otherwise a relatively wooden numbers game. 
    Jonah Hill is beyond exceptional here, holding his own in the presence of Hollywood gold, all the…

  • Awakenings



    A devastatingly beautiful true story performed to absolute precision, Awakening will warm your heart before breaking it into pieces. 
    It's been a while since a movie’s struck me on this level, and it's a credit owed entirely to its cast.
    Robin Williams, in one of his earlier, more dramatic roles, acts the absolute shit out of this piece, however, it's beyond anything else, Robert De Niro’s depiction of someone suffering catatonia that packs the greatest punch. 
    From both actors, these are powerfully brave roles, strikingly real, and tragically impactful.
    No joke, I'm an utter mess right now while writing this.

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  • Tenet



    Brutal be the absolute mind fuckery that is Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. 
    It's worth mentioning straight off the bat this movie does indeed excel and exceed itself in some very particular departments. Visually it's nothing short of art, and if anything, it's just another perfect example as to how ideal Noland would be sat in the director's chair of a James Bond film. However, unfortunately, as I'd feared, Tenet is simply a little too complex for its own good. The convoluted…

  • Raya and the Last Dragon

    Raya and the Last Dragon


    Despite my utmost highest of expectations, I feel I wasn't even remotely prepared for just how much I'd love Raya and the Last Dragon. 
    This for me is peak Disney Animation, devoid entirely of cliche tropes like princesses and princes, musical numbers, and dated stereotypes. 
    Raya is an adventure on an epic scale that delves deep into themes of trust, and human connection. 
    In a word, this tale is beautiful, and I tell no lie when I say I was…