Enola Holmes ★★★★

Here we have Netflix dropping yet another banger in our laps that I simply wish we’d had some 20 years back. 
Don't get me wrong, even as a man in my 30’s I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I just imagine Teenage Me, accompanied by my friends would've enjoyed it all the more. All the same, here we are, Enola Holmes, an all too fun delve into the extensive range of Millie Bobby Brown beyond that of Stranger Things, and an insight into a slight break from the more traditional Sherlock (visually at least) in Henry Cavill. On both fronts, the film delivers, rife with exciting adventures, complex mystery, and some fun, and at times intense action set pieces. There's humour, and enough of it lands with a laugh. In fact, for the most part, it's entirely on point, but in being a somewhat perfect four-quadrant movie there are moments which the intended effect flew right by me. This being said the enjoyment rarely ceased. 
Enola Holmes is an unexpected hit, which like all great detective tales packs its best punches when it zags while you expect it to zig.

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