Parasite ★★★★★

Not necessarily the game-changing masterpiece I was expecting, but still utter quality through and through. Very much deserving of the five stars I'm happy to dish out, Parasite was incredible. 
Gorgeously shot, and engaging to its core. The performances of all saw me invested in every character, hanging on every beet as it's premise covers themes of class and cultural indifference at its most raw. 
The humour was on point but didn't dilute from the serious implications bought on by the insane scenarios set in play by our leads. 
Parasite’s strongest asset, in my opinion, was the film's ability to zig when I'd assumed it would zag. I couldn't predict a single play, and as the third act exploded into an ultraviolet riot of sorts, I found myself to be simply shaken, and it wasn't even over. 
Silly it took me this long to finally check this one out. A very decent movie, well deserving of its award season buzz and all that genuine excitement which it generated.

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