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Favorite films

  • Blue Weekend
  • The Night of the Hunter
  • Burnt Offerings
  • Mother and Daughter, or the Night Is Never Complete

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  • The Uncanny

  • I Saw the TV Glow

  • My Summer With Irène


  • Disco Afrika: A Malagasy Story


Pinned reviews

  • Paddington 2

    Paddington 2


    Catch me ugly crying at the end because there isn't a more deserving conclusion in film history

  • The IT Crowd: The Internet Is Coming

    The IT Crowd: The Internet Is Coming

    do you know the massive heartache you get, right after you finish a tv show that you loved a lot. yeah.

Recent reviews

  • I Saw the TV Glow

    I Saw the TV Glow

    Watched at Berlinale 2024

    There is so much here that even after a day i still haven't digested it all. As someone who was and is addicted to Tv and Film i had such a weird viewing experience and i can't really explain it, but it felt more like the images i saw where coming out of me, out of my head and my soul...if that makes any sense to someone.
    I already know that i will rewatch this heavily when it comes out.
    But also that's exactly why i never rewatched Sailor Moon as an adult.

  • My Summer With Irène

    My Summer With Irène


    Watched at Berlinale 2024

    Nothing really wrong with it, but i just know that i will forget this movie as soon as i log it.

Popular reviews

  • The Houseboat

    The Houseboat


    Wie unangenehm es ist Kliemann dabei zuzusehen, wie er einen Arbeiter unter Druck setzt vor laufender Kamera, weil er möchte, dass er gefilmt wird wie er etwas schweißt.
    Schulz hat einen riesen Wutausbruch am Telefon, was man als ZuschauerIn wenigstens nicht mit ansehen muss.
    Die beiden verlassen sich komplett darauf (durch ihre Art) bei vielen Menschen Sympathien zu wecken und dadurch mit dem größten Scheiß durchzukommen. Sei es wie, gerade zu Beginn, viele Leute da umsonst malochen oder sogar in Gefahr gebracht werden - Stichwort Arbeitsschutz. Das wird alles irgendwie weggelächelt für dieses Egoprojekt, was teilweise echt unbequem mit anzuschauen ist.

  • Alita: Battle Angel

    Alita: Battle Angel

    Had the chance to see 30 minutes of Alita and a q&a afterwards with Robert Rodriguez and Jon Landau.
    So I'm not familiar with the manga or anything related to Alita. All I can say is the cgi of her face really looked good. Jon Landau even mentioned that the details in one of her eye is the same amount of cgi stuff (I forgot the exact marketing bla bla words) they used to make whole Gollum. But yeah beside…