Favorite films

  • Old Czech Legends
  • The Fish Carriage
  • Son of the White Mare
  • The Pied Piper

Recent activity

  • Pas de Deux

  • It Chapter Two

  • By the Lake

  • Henry VIII

Recent reviews

  • It Chapter Two

    It Chapter Two

    I found these characters very relatable because I too cannot remember what happened in It: Part One.

  • Lisa and the Devil

    Lisa and the Devil


    Jotting down my dream before I completely wake up:

    The stop motion tarot cards on red velvet
    The Telly Savalas fresco devil
    The seafoam green jacket and heels
    The curiosity shop
    Dragging a mannequin around the labyrinth streets of wherever
    The Devil’s lollipop
    The guy who looks like Percy Bysshe Shelley with his plunging neckline and velvet waistcoat
    The wobbly cigarette mirror kiss
    So many broken watches and clocks with ominous drums
    The Devil offering a radish to a taxidermied…

Popular reviews

  • The 'Teddy' Bears

    The 'Teddy' Bears


    Brutal home invasion flick.

  • Spiral Jetty

    Spiral Jetty


    The first time I watched this (two years ago?) was late at night in the back room of a specialty salt facility. An old print on original film played through a rickety projector. The perfect way to experience this odd and inspiring semi-documentary. Smithson's deadpan delivery reminds me of listening to John Ashbery reading his poems aloud. I was enthralled.

    The film is fascinating companion to the monumental piece out in the Utah desert, which my father and I made…