Eternals ★★

what makes ‘eternals’ incredibly frustrating was it’s choice to put the absolute lifeless love affair between gemma chan’s and richard madden’s characters in the spotlight, when there is a wonderful one blossoming between barry keoghan’s and lauren ridloff’s. gemma chan is not a lead. i’m not sure if they thought they were being clever choosing her over ANGELINA JOLIE, but whatever they were doing, it didn’t work.

Lauren Ridloff had more emotion in her performance and she didn’t even SPEAK. richard madden was awful too, i really do think he should stick to tv, or at least, not do anything superhero related because i know he’s not having fun doing it (and thinks it’s all v funny, which it is, but we shouldn’t know you don’t give a shit) 

the old guard had a lesser run time, smaller budget and less known actors AND STILL managed to do a storyline about immortals much better. i’m frustrated because this really did have some good characters (chan’s and madden’s not included) which were pushed to the back for a two hour long explanation of ‘the trolley problem’. marvel really is in its flop era.

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