What We Do in the Shadows ★★★★½

so good... and surprisingly great music too, even the off-key trio is something i want on my spotify. also, Stu? Is a real life IT guy? Who thought he would just be working on computers?? also, SO quotable. a sample of some favorites:

“Are you going to meet a pervert?” “Yeah, we’re meeting a pedophile.”
“Do you like basghetti?”
“Who let Petyr out?”
“Vampire mates don’t bite human mates. I mean, I really want to eat him. He’s the reddest guy you’ve ever seen. But I won’t. ‘Cuz we’re mates.”
“So I’ve been bringing this human around the house, and at first I didn’t think they’d like him but now I think they like him more than me. Just, you know how you turned me into a vampire? I wouldn’t do that to him. Stu’s a vegetarian, he doesn’t eat meat and I think he’d have a problem eating anything that was once alive.”
“Chase these sticks!” “No, don’t go after them! They’re not real, they’re not real!”
“You have forgotten your former lover so fast.” “~Georg~ie?~”