Midsommar ★★★★★

alright, here goes nothing

Ari Aster's second film, like Hereditary, is a living nightmare. A journey and exploration into the darkest parts of the human mind and putting it on a beautiful and stunning display for all to see. Although it shares some of the same themes of family and grief from Hereditary, this is at its core a break up movie. For two and a half hours you watch as a couple slowly breaks down more and more as they get more paranoid and more on edge, slowly but surely getting worse and worse leading to a hypnotic and visually stunning finale. The visceral and disturbing images in this movie may very well stay with you and haunt you, but whats also interesting is that the images and the visuals are so gorgeous and beautiful that it takes a minute or two to even register that what you just saw was horrifying. Ari Aster has created one of the most beautiful films ever made, a film so beautiful and so genuinely breathtaking that it leaves you in awe practically every 10 minutes or so. The score is fairytale like and has even similar vibes to a Disney movie from the 50s, it's not a score you'd expect from a horror film but it works so perfectly. As Ari Aster said himself, the film is "Wizard of Oz but for perverts". From the second it starts to the second the credits roll you're hypnotized in this film and the world/story it creates, never holding back on showing brutal and skin crawling imagery. Midsommar proves for the second time in a row that Ari Aster is undeniably talented in both writing and filmmaking, creating unique and terrifying stories which are relatable emotionally and terrifying visually.

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