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  • Funny Games

    Funny Games


    you could have watched the nature channel 
    Or a symphony 
    But you flipped through both to stop on a harmful storm for a moment 
    But that wasn’t enough 
    So maybe you watch some nascar crashes or funny games ?

    “Why not?”

    So many feelings on this 
    Funny enough the first time I watched this movie I was in high school and definitely did not understand or pick up on the commentary
    I was watching a lot of “messed up”…

  • Jennifer's Body

    Jennifer's Body


    “Sandbox love never dies”

    Perfect line to describe my love for this movie 
    A lot of this will be dated with time (a lot already is) but if this movie wasn’t made for me and my friends when it came out, who the fuck was it made for?? 

    I kinda see this as the craft of the 2000’s 
    With some Carrie and clueless mixed it 
    Great document of 2000’s mall culture 
    Being extremely of that time invites a lot of…

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  • The English Patient

    The English Patient


    Maybe the softest portrait of war Iv ever seen.(you wouldn’t even think it was that bad!)
    I’m not entirely sure what the message of this was but it’s definitely not good lol. 
    There’s is however a (seemingly) hugely unintentional amount of humor here mostly based out of bizarre timing with line delivery. A cross between a Lanthimos and hallmark movie. That and Binoche somehow made the nearly 3 hour runtime manageable so I’ll give it that. Couldn’t imagine how dumb the reception of this was or possibly being moved by it but here we are!

  • Altered States

    Altered States


    I’m really interested in individual aspects of this 
    Like the sensory deprivation tank and the dream sequences, hallucinations ect. And the delivery of all of them was great! But the overall theme of finding the true original self through hallucinogenics is soooo lame to me. Way too validating for the most annoying people. Also I LOVE monkey stuff and body horror but even the self seriousness dictating that in the movie was a big bummer. 

    I did like this quite a bit though. Some really cool sequences and great FX

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  • Cars


    Watched this real fucked off an edible last night
    Hate when I don’t write the review high then the next day I’m trying to remember anything about the movie 

    My roommate told me the cars don’t age except when they are babies they are small? 
    Idk if that’s true but was interesting to think about last night

  • Trick or Treat

    Trick or Treat

    Just watched this with my roommates and one special guest in preparation for a big weed night !! Stay tuned