Wrong Turn ★★★

Ugh, no no no no, that's not what I wanted.
I'm always super open to remakes/reboots and any changed they make to the franchises, but I feel like they should at least have something in common with the original. Otherwise what's the point?
It was not a 'Wrong Turn' movie. Not at all. Where are my mutant cannibals I miss them. I'm okay with this movie trying to be deeper than just fun dumb film about mutants, but I feel like it tries SO HARD to show us how smart it is. When in reality it never reaches the point of being profound. I agree that other WT movies were dumb, but they were fucking good at it. That's what really matters. Sometimes simplicity is the best thing that can happen to a movie.

I loved the first 40 minutes and Jen is a badass pls I love her so much. One of the best WT girls in my opinion. Plus it has some good ideas and I can see them being used properly. Maybe we'll see it someday.

Generally, not terrible, but... not good. It's not just dumb fun, but also not enough to be deeper than that. If it wasn't for 'Wrong Turn' it would be just an average forgettable film (that would still appeal to some people ofc). (I wouldn't be one of these people btw). Giving it 6/10 for being entertaining and not making me fall asleep even though it's late and I'm super sleepy.

Idk how to rank it with the other movies since it's so different, but my current ranking of the franchise is

2>the og>4>3>2021 film>5>6

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