American Honey

American Honey ★★★★

American Honey is a raw and sweet look into friendship, adventure, love and much more.

There’s a lot of great things about this film one being the raw presentation, it’s very well shot  and has a wonderful color palette. All of the performances are fantastic, Sasha Lane and Shia Lebouf have incredible chemistry together. Most of the side characters are interesting even if they don’t have much to do with the film. The almost 3 hour runtime can drag but it also enhances that adventure aspect to the film and it’s allows the audience to feel as if they tagged along on this road trip. This film also has a killer soundtrack, lots of great gems that didn’t feel shoehorned in the film but instead build on the atmosphere. Another aspect of the film that I found great was its portrayal of people and life. When the group goes to a more high end neighborhood the people seem more demeaning and clean and when they go to a more run down area the lifestyle feels realistic and tragic. 

This film does have its flaws I have to say, while I can somewhat appreciate the adventure aspect to the runtime, I can’t help but feel like the film would be a little more enjoyable if it was shorter. I wish there was more of a bond between the main characters and side characters, great scenes like the “American Honey” scene are fantastic and I wish there was more of that but with some development. I don’t always agree with the choices the characters make, like the way Jake reacts to literally anything Star does by herself.

American Honey may not be perfect but it does so well with what it wants to achieve, the performances are great and it’s overall pretty enjoyable. I don’t really see myself watching this film a lot but it was pretty good.