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  • 4 à 4 Métro-Barbès-Rochechou-Art

    4 à 4 Métro-Barbès-Rochechou-Art


    A deeply sincere, natural love of the organic qualities of film, a strong emphasis on the unified elements of movement and texture across each frame. A thousand sensuous images. The molecular warmth across the human skin is as important as a landscape. Different from Salomé where the film itself seems to be transformed into a underworld coven of fabric, or L’eau de la Seine where the film seems to be distilled into liquid, this film has an even more electric…

  • Rehearsals for Retirement

    Rehearsals for Retirement


    Intensely melancholic, sorrowful and also mournful. A figure consumed in solid black that we can’t quite touch and the figure can’t quite touch the environment around it. 

    Reminded me of Minecraft as much as Grand Theft Auto In it’s nostalgic reverence, I still remember playing it and not even building anything or mining, getting food or fighting monsters. Just looking, seeing the virtual landscapes and the virtual sound and light falling over them. A moment of fleeting nostalgia that one can’t quite touch.

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  • Mirror



    I can’t explain how I feel because my eyes are full of tears and my ears are full of Bach and my heart is full of joy.

  • Close-Up



    So. Fucking. Good. 

    Absolutely mind blowing. Honestly the two Iranian films I’ve scene have been outstanding and amazingly unique. Only two films in and I can already say Iran is a powerhouse in world cinema. Can’t wait for the rest of Kiarostami’s filmography and The White Meadows.