Imaginur ★★★★½

i tried to like this, truly but i just felt it was overwhelming for me as a non alzheimer person with zero hallucinations comes haunting me every second.

nik. amir. MUSTAPHA.
i had hold grudges against u whilst watching the film in the cinema comfortably on my tgv deluxe seat. i was outraged as the plot gets in circles every time. im aware this is avant-garde to be producing a level of film from a mental illness perspective, but it wasn't making any sense to me up until the falling action.

i admit, i cried like a baby when the ending unveiled itself. the statisfactory of knowing the hard truth made me learn a few things from this movie as one of them being be patient with the quandaries that exists in your life.

furthermore, imaginur knows when the track song is going to step in and wisely enough, it is perfectly timed to effectively manage the viewers cry cats and dogs, including me n alip.

in addition to cinematography, it felt poignant and tender as the soft color grading shapes the film into a more realistic structure.

all in all, nik amir mustapha's entrancing end product was a beautiful story that filled the missing astonishing factor of malaysian cinema by producing a film which had immense put on hypnotic, love, beto kusyairi, ramli, diana danielle, abah and elma.
oh i forgot to mention that nadia nisa's superb acting definitely outplayed them all even if she had a few screentimes. sorry beto n diana u both were gud but just in my view nisa somehow had a better performance..

is it the best local film for me? sure...

yes, i do need a second watch, relaxx

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