• Night of the Demons

    Night of the Demons


    Does a good job of taking its time to establish the characters early on (not easy when it's a decent sized group), which helps carry the film when the demon-ing starts. The effects and gore were all above the usual b-movie standard and the demons themselves - gonna admit that they were genuinely creepy.

    Leans hard into the 'if you have sex you definitely die' camp. When will teens learn!?

  • Hell Night

    Hell Night


    Linda Blair looks terrified and screams through two thirds of this film and it serves her right for scaring the crap out us all a few years earlier.

    Despite a promising start and a cool set up, Hell Night fails to deliver and so much of the run time is just people sneaking around in the dark. The kills are average and the villains are basic; oddly enough I did end up caring about a couple of the characters which is a notch above your standard 80's slasher.

  • Michael Bolton's Big, Sexy Valentine's Day Special

    Michael Bolton's Big, Sexy Valentine's Day Special


    Anyone who can poke fun of themselves and embrace the image of themself that the world has bestowed upon them, all in the sake of comedy, deserves our forever-lovin'. Bolton has mine and I'll never skip his songs again when they come up on my shuffled playlist.

    Not all the skits work but most do and some are ridiculously funny. We can't we just get more stuff like this?

  • The Creator

    The Creator


    Full disclosure: I went into the cinema tired and this was a terrible film to see when you're already a bit sleepy. Plenty of quiet, tranquil moments that lulled me into between somewhere between alert and vadering.

    The VFX were staggering, the locations glorious, cinematography was gorgeous...but that story just didn't pull me in. Washington on his own was not able to get the emotional hooks into me for me to care about any of the stakes. It's a bit…

  • Living



    A rather delightful meditation on how life can pass you by at an alarming rate when you carve out a routine, and also how repetition can breed a malaise and lack of inspiration (especially in the workplace but perhaps also in wider society). There's absolutely comfort in this predictable, polite humble way of living but when the realization hits that your remaining time "living" is now measured in days rather than years, perhaps a comfortable run to the line is not satisfying enough.

    Truly beautiful score that melts into the picture so effortlessly that you almost don't notice it.

  • Call Me Miss Cleo

    Call Me Miss Cleo


    I'll support anything that continues to debunk the nonsense that is tarot card reading and psychics (hard to believe this has been exposed as bullshit for over a hundred years now and yet still people feel the need to be lied to), but this is still just a talking-heads / archival footage doco that is watchable but very forgettable.

  • The Legend of Billie Jean

    The Legend of Billie Jean


    Damn, I was loving this for the first act; a beautifully filmed high energy flick with Thelma & Louise vibes (and was I detecting some Trur Romance notes or was that just the presence of Christian Slater dialied up to 11?). And then this great story that was unfolding organically with characters that felt authentic, it just turns into a dopey 80's teen oddity.
    The jump that Billie Jean takes to media icon feels unearned a tonally out of place with…

  • The Incredible Shrinking Woman

    The Incredible Shrinking Woman


    Feels like this would be more at home in the Disney back catalogue with Freaky Friday and Splash because things get "zany" (the gorilla giving the finger really takes the banana). It's those moments that feel dated and that hurts the movie; but maybe they just feel like they feel dated and they didn't even land well at the time?
    But I'm a sucker for those giant sets and props and could watch Lilly climb over a giant pencil or…

  • Battle of Blood Island

    Battle of Blood Island


    Almost unwatchable because of the poor quality of the picture and sound (found this on Amazon Prime) and that's a shame because there was something appealing about the story - more along the lines of Robinson Crusoe than your typical war film, relying on existential conversations rather than suspense to keep you engaged.

    Can two GI's survive on a tiny remote pacific island, alone and cut off? Toucan.

  • No One Will Save You

    No One Will Save You


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Pretty ballsy move these days to make a film with virtually no dialogue but they pulled it off (even if a few of the moments in the town came across a little forced). The aliens were all great and while they looked pretty damn similar to aliens we've seen many times before, the variations in shape and size plus the creepy way they moved had me constantly wanting to see more of them.

    And yeah, fine, I'll admit it -…

  • Troll



    Stomping on theme park rides and throwing helicopters at each other is the only sort of trolling I approve of.

  • Dumb Money

    Dumb Money


    I am STILL holding but my hopes that this film would make a big enough impact to surge the GameStop share price again, tumbled at the viewing.

    The whole experience felt quiet and subdued rather than a tale of triumph. Many of the characters never meet or even interact with each other; some stuff is over explained while so much is never explained at all and while I totally appreciate this all happened during covid, I was surprised at how…