In the Mood for Love ★★★★★

Subtly sexual but starkly desolate. Delirious color palettes and shot compositions of beauty paralleled by sublime cinematography, a film that requires you to open yourself to truly understand the meaning behind it's intentions. Entrancing the viewer with it's simple premise but then delving far deeper into it's subject matter than you would expect. An allegory for all relationship pains and the pursuement of love when there is nothing else. Few films analyse the notion of love more effectively than In the Mood for Love. A bittersweet journey that explores the relationship between two estranged seperately marriaged individuals in a position of melancholy, where revealing themselves to eachother is a cure for their ailments and isolation.

The use of color and camera is a monolith to behold, propelling this low scale film into something of much larger purposes while undertaking the methods of conveying a passionate story in the process. Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung provide performances that the film achingly needed to properly convey it's message, both exuding powerhouse acting that is a sight to gaze upon the screen. In the Mood for Love is a special type of film that is an exceedingly uncommon affair in this area of screenwriting and filmmaking. A film that requires the viewer to immerse themselves within, and when that notion is found, they will truly be able to remember the experience for years to come.