• The Pick-up Artist

    The Pick-up Artist


    young rdj singing blue suede shoes is my new religion. i’ll never shut up about that.

  • Johnny Be Good

    Johnny Be Good


    so this supposed to be funny?
    1/2 star only and only for goofy young rdj and pretty young uma thurman

  • Cinderella



    only watched 30 minutes of it and the movie already was screaming, to quote charlie kelly, “me trash.”

  • Normal People

    Normal People


    I really really enjoyed watching this. This portrayed some perspectives of a relationship which we may not see in a lot of romance movies. I liked how they showed characters struggles with insecurities, shyness, loneliness, abused and all. And the sex scenes they never seemed so sexy for me it was more of a romantic thing. And all the perfectly matched soundtracks and cinematography was very enjoyable to watch. Some parts contained very little dialogues and more sounds and pictures which made it enjoyable to watch.