Spencer ★★★★

So many thoughts...

I have to admit, I was really stunned by this!
Besides all the technical-cinematic stuff and her stunning acting, this story was great. A character study of her great inner disturbance in three simply days.
Three days as a symbol for a life.
Three, horrifying days.
Three horrifying days in the life of Diana Spencer.
These are her three days. Not the queens, not her children's and not her husbands.

What made this better than Jackie, is simply that we clearly see her development in a straight way. I liked that.

Pablo Larraín knows how to direct such a movie and all the "painting" he created with that are simply beautiful.

So why is the rating only a 4/5 after all this praise?

Because there are still two main problems I had with that.

1. Larrain focuses on Diana. Of course, that's good. But filming her face 24/7 is too bold in my opinion.

2. The topic of the royals itself. I'm not a fan of this system and glorification of persons on this level. And if you join this family, you should be aware of what waits for you.

So to conclude this:
I could have watched Kristen Stewart two more hours in beautiful dresses. I would love to eat all this delicious food they had, but I don't want to be part of such a "family" like EVER!

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